Get involved

We are keen to hear the first-hand experiences and opinions of key stakeholders, namely online platforms and their business users. Such feedback is of key importance in monitoring the regulatory environment for the online platform economy. Between 2019 and 2021, we will invite you to participate in surveys and interviews to share your experiences on subjects such as online marketing, algorithmic decision-making, ranking and others.

If you are a business user of online platform(s), we invite you to sign up to the panel of business users.

If you are a representative of an online platform, we invite you to sign up to the panel of platforms.

Why participate?

This is your chance to contribute to creating a safer, fairer, more trusted and transparent online trading environment for all. Your responses will be analysed by the study team. They will help the team and the expert group to track developments and identify emerging issues in the online platform economy, and will inform an appropriate policy response. All your answers will remain anonymous and will never be associated with your name.

Please note that these surveys and interviews are not to be considered as part of any complaint-handling or dispute settlement mechanism.