Data on the economic significance of platforms have been updated!

The data on economic significance of platforms have been partially updated by the Support Study team. The new data report on new indicators measuring the economic significance of platforms (i.e. revenue of companies that own the platforms, estimated number of businesses operating on platforms) and provide updates on indicators from the previous Study (i.e. Eurostat data on internet users, enterprises selling electronically, etc.). We examined this dimension by type of user (businesses and platforms), by type of platform (social media, collaborative economy, OTAs, etc.) and by sector (by showcasing specific cases).

Our findings show that there are platforms which have a comparatively higher revenue than others. For instance, the main platform type where the revenues tend to gravitate to a higher degree towards the mean is the online application stores. When it comes to funding, the total amount of our sample of platforms equalled EUR 32.9 billion and of their parent companies equalled EUR 76.7 billion. While collaborative economy platforms do not ‘shine’ when it comes to revenue, they did manage to attract considerable amounts of funding. Regional platforms from our sample produced low funding amounts compared to global players.

More updates to the economic significance dimension will be made in the coming weeks, consisting of estimations on the number of businesses operating on platforms and data on annual transactions of businesses through online platforms (via our survey of businesses). The updated results for Dimensions 2 and 3 will be made available after May 2022.