Observatory on the
Online Platform Economy

The Observatory monitors and analyses developments in the online platform economy to enable informed and flexible policy making in the EU.

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The Observatory on the Online Platform Economy monitors the evolution of the platform economy to support the European Commission’s work on online platforms.

The Observatory focuses on developments in the online platform economy, including issues such as the ranking of search engine results by algorithms, access to and use of personal data by platforms, favourable treatment given by online intermediaries to their own goods and services, and transparency in online advertising.

  • Economic significance

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    Economic significance

    The economic significance of platforms can be assessed quantitatively, taking in several major areas of interest: revenues and traffic share (including sectoral disturbance), and trade flows.

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  • Power over users

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    Power over users

    Platforms generate value for businesses by providing them with access to demand for their products, which may lead businesses to become dependent on the platforms to varying extents, and vulnerable to changes in the platforms’ policies.

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  • The consequences of power

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    The consequences of power

    Each online platform’s terms and conditions of use include various legal requirements with which enterprises must comply. Misunderstanding of these terms can cause various issues for the companies involved.

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We are keen to hear the first-hand experiences and opinions of key stakeholders, namely online platforms and their business users. Such feedback is of key importance in monitoring the regulatory environment for the online platform economy.

Contribute to creating a safer, fairer, more trusted and transparent online trading environment for all.